About Us

Global Vision Children’s Fund Corporation (GVCF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable/humanitarian relief and recovery organization doing outreach work in America and abroad in partnership with other non-profits.

GVCF does charitable/humanitarian work providing materials and funding for vitamin and mineral rich food and drinking water, clothing, shelter, shoes, pediatric medical, dental, vision, surgical, education, family home, shelter, foster care funding support to children needing help, hope, and healing in our world, and provide home-care to our seniors.


GVCF uses music and its universal ability to communicate love, compassion, inspiration, and help, hope, and healing to humanity to stamp out the horrible suffering of poverty, misery, and death by hunger among children around the world and provide humanitarian relief and recovery to victims of natural disasters, such as Hurricanes, Tidal Surge Flooding, Typhoons, Tsunami, Tornados, Earthquakes, and Volcanic Eruptions.

Through the music projects of Grammy Recording Artist, Daniel Winans, of the legendary Winans Family, Peter B. Israel of London, England, Marshal Ukon of South Africa, Fank Nollywood of London, England and Nigeria, Africa, Mohaganee Amiger of South Caroline, USA and more, GVCF and GVCF MUSIC does charitable/humanitarian relief and recovery work around the globe and raises awareness and funds from donors who Partner with Global Vision Children’s Fund in its mission to “Do Good and Give Life” to many “While We Live.” It is “Music with a Mission.”

Developers and spokes-persons, Daniel Winans and GVCF MUSIC, help raise funds for Global Vision Children’s Fund through Music Aide Concerts, Celebrity Golf and Basketball Tournaments, and Gala events that attract corporate, celebrity, philanthropic, and individual donors to help support the important mission of Global Vision Children’s Fund Corporation to end poverty, misery, and death by hunger that children in our world should never experience and meet the needs of other children needing family home, shelter, foster care, and other assistance, as well as help victims of natural disasters.

GVCF reaches out to Donor Partners such as large, medium, and small businesses, philanthropic families, celebrity sports and entertainment figures, professional sports organizations, leaders in the medical, legal, and accounting professions, as well as individual donors to join our army of hope to children in need.