GVCF Partners

Maverick Henderson and GVCF MUSIC are developers and spokes-persons for Global Vision Children’s Fund Corporation (GVCF).  www.gvcfmusic.com

Grammy Recording Artist, Daniel Winans, Peter B. Israel of London, England, Marshal Ukon of South Africa, Frank Nollywood of Longdon, England and Nigeria, Africa, The Sea Island Song Bird, Mahoganee Amiger of South Carolina, USA and more are participating artists who share their musical gifts in fundraising concerts with GVCF MUSIC on behalf of GVCF’s “Global Family Project” and “Care Outreach” program to Children of World Hunger and the victims of recent Hurricane disasters in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Puerto Rico, the US and British Virgin Islands, including Tortola, Barbuda, Turks and Caicos Islands.

Join Maverick and GVCF MUSIC in the GVCF “Global Family Project” to end the deaths of 3.8 Million children around the world who die from starvation each year.  And join us to help with Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria for long-term disaster relief and recovery needs.  Together we can “Do Good and Give Life” to many who need hope and our healing help.

On our watch over the planet, while we live, we must relieve death by hunger, poverty, and misery of their duties. Children of poverty must be fed, and not eaten by death from starvation: malnutrition, under-nutrition. The “Global Family Project” is GVCF’s primary mission; yet, it is not our only mission.

Other children who are not experiencing death by hunger (1.3 Billion) live in poverty, misery, and disadvantaged conditions in the USA and around the world. These children receive help, hope, and healing from GVCF through its “Care Outreach” program.  GVCF’s “Care Outreach” program has launched its Hurricane Disaster Relief and Recovery Mission to the victims of the recent storms who were hit hard, losing everything they own in many cases.  The GVCF Hurricane Disaster Relief and Recovery Mission is a long-term effort to see the areas devastated by the Hurricanes experience full recovery.

GVCF is a USA-based non-profit 501(c)(3) Charitable/Humanitarian Releif and Recovery Organization doing outreach work in America and abroad in partnership with other non-profits.

GVCF partners with family home, shelter, and foster care programs such as The Heart Gallery and Finding My Shoes of Scottsdale, Arizona, and Girl’s and Boy’s Town USA, community feeding programs: Houston Food Bank, Second Harvester’s Food Banks, Feed The Children, and InTymes of Need, Inc. of Georgia, and the global outreaches of Global Vision Children’s Fund Corporation Nigerian Branch, Global Citizen, Mercy Ship Medical Missions, and more.

Join Maverick and GVCF MUSIC in the fight against global poverty and hunger, as well as support our kids needing foster care and other assistance here in America and abroad, and help provide long-term relief and recovery to the victims of natural disasters.

GVCF is planning a series of “Hope Tour” concerts to raise funds for long-term Hurricane disaster relief and recovery on hehalf of Global Vision Children’s Fund Corporation and its mission to help the Hurricane victims who’s lives were devastated by the three storms, Harvey, Irma, and Maria.  GVCF MUSIC donates 100% of the profits from concert and CD sales of participating artists to the GVCF relief and recovery effort.  Your donations to this relief and recovery mission are welcome and needed.

Donate to GVCF’s “Global Family Project” and “Care Outreach” program today.

Partner with Global Vision Children’s Fund Corporation and help Maverick and GVCF MUSIC save many children from death by hunger, help others find their way in life, and help victims of natural disasters around the world.

Thank you for becoming a Partner with Global Vision Children’s Fund and joining “An Army of Hope to Children in Need.”

Do Good. Give Life! “While We Live”