While We Live

“While We Live” we must relieve poverty, misery, and death by hunger of their duties.

In the 21st Century with 6 Billion people who have plenty, we must not allow another child to die of starvation on our planet. We, the 6 Billion, must not allow 1.3 Billion of humanity’s population to live in poverty and 3.8 Million children to die of starvation annually.

“While We Live” the leaders of Global Vision Children’s Fund Corporation, with the help of its Partners are working hard to end death by hunger, poverty, and misery. GVCF will never stop its “Global Family Project” to stamp out death by hunger. We will remain committed to our mission and goals to end death by hunger and help the many children in need around the world..

GVCF will too, remain committed to its “Care Outreach” program as an ongoing effort to meet the many needs of family home, shelter, foster care, other children living in poverty and disadvantaged conditions in the USA and abroad, and relief and recovery to victims of natural disasters around the world.

Global Vision Children’s Fund will continue to bring help, hope, and healing to hurting children throughout the world to rescue humanity with “life-giving” solutions for needy children and victims of natural disasters.

Global Vision Children’s Fund with its Partners help are “An Army of Hope to Children in Need.”

Global Vision Children’s Fund and its Partners will “Do Good and Give Life” to many “While We Live.”