GVCF partners with family home, shelter, and foster care programs such as The Heart Gallery and Finding My Shoes of Scottsdale, Arizona, and Girl’s and Boy’s Town USA, community feeding programs: Houston Food Bank, Second Harvester’s Nationwide Food Banks, and Feed The Children, and the global outreaches of Global Vision Children’s Fund Nigerian Branch, UN World Food Programme, Global Citizen, Mercy Ship Medical Missions, and more.

Join Grammy Recording Artist, Daniel Winans and GVCF MUSIC in the fight against global poverty and hunger, as well as support our kids needing foster care and other assistance here in America and abroad, provide home-care to seniors through GVCF’s Care Outprogram, and help provide relief and recovery to victims of natural disasters, such as, Hurricanes, Tidal Surge Flooding, Typhoons, Tsunamis, Tornados, Wild Fires, Earthquakes, and Volcanic Eruptions.

GVCF MUSIC has launched the “FIND-A-WAY ” World Concert Tour to raise funds to fight World Hunger, help children and families living in poverty and disadvantaged conditions in the USA and abroad, to include the needy foster kids in the world, and give relief and recovery to natural disaster victims on behalf of Global Vision Children’s Fund Corporation.  GVCF MUSIC helps to fund the missions of Global Vision Children’s Fund.  Your donations to GVCF’s Prove it! Fatherhood, Global Family Project, and Care Outreach” are welcome and needed.  Please donate  to GVCF’s “Prov It! Fatherhood, Global Family Project, and Care Outreach” today.

Partner with Global Vision Children’s Fund Corporation and help Daniel and GVCF MUSIC save many children from death by hunger, help others find their way in life, and help victims of natural disasters to full recovery.